We think it is time after six busy seasons to write and let you know more formally how great working with you has been for our Kawana Force Football Club. As you are well aware we had already had three different websites before and they were a nightmare to use, not at all user friendly, in fact the opposite.

The Committee was not impressed at all with our previous Website's, however all this changed with your Product. The committee voted into giving your website a chance and it was the best thing our club has done. The information is easy to put on alter update very modern looks slick. It is now six years since we took the step and we have recorded over one million hits. The pictures are also easy to use and the Match reports are no longer a job for our committee, the coaches or managers can do that. We no longer have to print News sheets and worry about them getting to all parties. We are also able to gain sponsorship through the site to help run the club which you know covers players from three years of age up to let say too old. The site is operated at our end by a couple of non computer skilled people and the results are perfect.

I know at times we have requested a few items and you are always to happy to look into our request for things we need to further enhance our site and let me assure you that all the clubs in the area look to our site for information as we can fit it on so easy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding product.

Should any need reassuring as to your skills or professional approach, please do not hesitate to give them our contact and we would be more than willing to put their worries at rest. There is not one person at the club that would dream of not continuing to use your website; we could not now manage with it or your professionalism since day one.